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Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
26 September 2020 @ 08:28 pm

"Ciao~! It's Feliciano! I'm not answering, probably because I'm either busy eating pasta or lost my phone again!

If you want to talk to me, say your message after the beeping noise, but before the second beeping noise! If it's a long message, talk fast!"
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
29 March 2020 @ 11:51 am
Bahhh, I should have probably done these ages ago. Oh well.

Here's my HMD post for Italy Veneziano, aka Feliciano Vargas. Feel free to give me crit, tell me if there's anything that needs fixing/changing, etc.

This can also be a reverse permissions post: if you are uncomfortable with Hetalia or with him, then just post here to let me know and he'll leave your characters alone.
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
14 February 2011 @ 12:23 am
Italy was so happy. For one, it was ~Valentine's Day~, which was an especially nice holiday, all things considered, since it involved lots of love and romance and candy. Two, he was spending it with Germany, who was so sweet and wonderful and who Italy loved more than anything (even pasta). Thirdly, they were at a very nice restaurant, where Italy was nearly 100% positive they served linguini. And fourthly, he had a very nice cake to celebrate with for when they went back home, which he had baked and made sure was absolutely the yummiest thing ever.

As the waiter led him and Germany to their table, Italy held Germany's hand in his, smiling gleefully and forcing himself not to hum happily as they walked through the restaurant.
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
Italy's dreams were strange and murky, an odd mess of what were memories and couldn't possibly be real. He dreamt...although it felt too real to be a dream...that he was small once again, wearing his maid's dresses. There was a cold field, covered in the bodies of dead soldiers, shrouded in fog as the day headed towards sunset. It still stank of blood and gunpowder.

He dreamt that there were soldiers pulling him away, pulling him from...from Holy Rome. His body was tiny and still on the ground, and they were telling him that he needed to go, that they were gathering the bodies and that a small girl like Italy shouldn't stay on a battlefield, even if the battle was already done.

(But that made no sense, he thought as he stirred to waking. Holy Rome disappeared. He never saw any corpse.)

The dream ended with Italy shrieking, trying to squirm away, trying to yell for Holy Rome to wake up so that Italy wouldn't have to leave him...

As Italy slowly awoke, he felt someone warm beside him. For a moment, he knew where he was and thought he was somewhere else; half of him knew that it was Germany, sleeping beside him, and another thought he was still clinging to Holy Rome and that he had finally woken up.

When Italy's eyes opened, he could see Germany's face, eyes closed while he slept.

Almost by instinct, Italy smiled at seeing him, but for some reason his mind remained troubled, fumbling with what he'd dreamt.

And then, like a tidal wave crashing onto him, he remembered. The virus. He had been small and young and a maid once again, and he and Holy Rome ahd said their goodbyes...but this time, Holy Rome had reached him in time for him to run to him before he died.

And then he'd passed on, as Italy watched him.

For a moment, Italy lay there, staring dumbly and feeling numb. As he did, more details emerged from his memories: the gentle feel of Holy Rome's hand in his, how weak and tiny his voice had been, his last words...oh God, his last words, where he'd called Italy his and it had broken his heart.

Tears welled up in Italy's eyes without him realizing. It had been real. He'd really watched Holy Rome die, even if a virus was to blame. But...but Germany was here. And yet somehow that didn't erase the sting.

He tried to wipe his eyes before curling up especially close to Germany, as if clinging to him would prevent him from ever dying again. He took in a shaky breath, trying to calm himself, tears springing back into his eyes against his will.
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
20 January 2011 @ 10:27 am
Sooooo it looks like my boss is under investigation by the police.

For having sex with a girl who was seventeen.

And now he is wanting to rewrite laws so that he won't get in trouble.

Which is not the first time he has done that.

I kind of wonder if maybe he needs to learn to behave and if he could learn it soon that would be very nice.

Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
27 December 2010 @ 12:53 am
Okay, this is WAY LATE but, here's my character's Christmas lists. IF I FORGOT SOMEONE, PLEASE COMMENT i swear i don't forget these things intentionally...;3;

List under the cutCollapse )
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
03 November 2010 @ 10:14 am
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Says His 'Passion for Women' is Better Than Being Gay


...I think maybe sometimes it would be good if maybe my boss thought a little bit before he started talking. Because he says things a lot that end up being not-so-very-nice. Like making jokes about other countries' bosses to their faces. It would be nice if he maybe not did that so much.
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
19 October 2010 @ 11:01 pm
Italy's heart was beating very very fast as he made his way to Germany's house. Normally, he was a slow, lackadaisical walker but today he was almost sprinting. He wanted to see Germany so badly. He had missed seeing him and talking to him, and he'd spent a lot of time wondering if maybe he shouldn't have said anything. Nothing would have changed, but he'd still be able to see Germany.

But now Germany wanted to see him! And even though he hadn't said or hinted what his answer might be, Italy held out hope that it would be good. He really really really loved Germany, so things would work out, wouldn't it? They had to.

He knocked on Germany's door rapidly and loudly.
Italy Veneziano [Axis Powers Hetalia]
21 September 2010 @ 11:24 pm
Italy was not good at confrontations. And not just of the war variety, where he would end up shrieking and running away. He was bad at talking person-to-person about things that were sad or upsetting or awkward, even when it was somebody he knew well. The fact that he had finally made himself do this was a testament to how long he'd waited to say something, even though his stomach was aching with the stress of doing this.

Still. He was going to talk to Germany. About them. About how he felt, about Germany's reactions to...pretty much everything. His hesitation and awkwardness towards everything doing with the two of them being together.

He knocked on the door to Germany's house nervously, almost half-hoping Germany was busy.